Our Responsibility

We’ve partnered with world-leading companies To bring essential pharmaceuticals.

Realizing Localization Opportunities

Bedaya By Genesis is actively and aggressively exploring partnership and joint venture opportunities with global and regional pharma players to bring the best in the industry to KSA.

Imparting Skill and Improving Competencies

Bedaya By Genesis is committed to make its contribution to vision 2030. We aim to attract, train and retain young Saudi men and women and provide them with all they need to improve their skill and competencies. We will guarantee their skills are developed and properly deployed.

We have identified training program relevant to what we have designed elaborated internship programs for fresh graduates, wherein, they can get firsthand practical experience in international trade of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Access to Healthcare

Supporting our people, society and communities in the KSA is fundamental to our long-term success.


Through this service, healthcare professionals can report any suspected Adverse Reaction (AR) experienced from any of the drug product supplied by Bedaya By Genesis within the stipulated timeframe, even if reporters are not certain that the particular medicinal product was the cause.